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  • White House Initiatives to Bolster Veterans’ Job Prospects

    The federal government will make it easier for military veterans to use their training as physician assistants, under a new initiative the White House announced Tuesday. The Health Resources and Services Administration will give priority in physician assistant grant awards to universities that train veterans for careers …

  • Congress May Be Able to Avoid Catchall Spending Package for FY 2012

    The Senate is expected to clear a package of three fiscal 2012 spending bills after it returns to Washington next week, paving the way for the chamber to consider the remaining spending bills in small packages and increasing the likelihood that lawmakers won’t have to resort to a comprehensive omnibus measure to allocate federal spending this year …

  • Committee Leaders Diverge in Response to Impact of Defense Cuts

    During a hearing Wednesday on the potential economic impact of additional cuts to the Pentagon’s budget, House Armed Services Committee Republicans and Democrats differed over whether the congressional deficit reduction committee should rely on taxes to shield DOD from further cuts. “As a fiscal conservative, I tend to oppose increasing government spending for the purpose of job creation …

  • CBO Director Outlines Scope of Pentagon Cuts

    DOD spending could be slashed by as much as $882 billion over the coming decade in the event that automatic spending cuts are triggered, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told the congressional deficit reduction committee Wednesday. While the estimate would seem to be significantly lower than the $1 trillion projection others have used when referring to the devastating result of budget sequestration, it’s not clear that the two figures are that far apart …


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