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  • Shutdown Fix Could Be about Wording

    Shutdown Fix Could Be about Wording

    Mitch McConnell said Wednesday he will support “whatever works” to avoid another shutdown, making it tougher for President Trump to turn down an agreement that House and Senate negotiators have started to put together, according to Politico. Members of the conference committee expressed optimism at their first meeting Wednesday, but no deal has emerged yet.

  • Air Force Likely to Take Space Force Under Its Wing – For Now

    Air Force Likely to Take Space Force Under Its Wing – For Now

    The White House still expects that the Space Force will eventually be its own branch of the military, despite signals from the Pentagon that the program will be housed under the Air Force. “It’s going to be small, as small as possible footprint,” Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters this week. The Pentagon plan,

  • VA Expands Private Sector Care Eligibility

    VA Expands Private Sector Care Eligibility

    More veterans could access private sector health care under new guidelines the Department of Veterans Affairs announced Wednesday and which will be put in place by June. Veterans who live more than 30 minutes from a VA clinic or who are waiting more than 20 days for appoints would have more options to get care

  • Spending Negotiators Meet Wednesday

    Spending Negotiators Meet Wednesday

    A House-Senate conference committee convenes its first meeting Wednesday to negotiate a spending agreement to keep the government open past Feb. 15. Immigration is the most contentious issue – with President Donald Trump insisting on funding for a southern border wall – but other issues have surfaced, too. Democrats bristled at the suggestion by Sen.

  • Budget Request Timeline Uncertain

    Budget Request Timeline Uncertain

    The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) still has not set a date to release its budget request to Congress. By law, it is due on Capitol Hill Monday, but administrations occasionally miss that target. This year the 35-day partial government shutdown delayed OMB further. House Budget Committee Chair John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said his committee,

  • Shutdown Pain Lingers for Contractors

    Shutdown Pain Lingers for Contractors

    Coast Guard members and other federal workers who had been furloughed or were working without pay during the partial government shutdown are getting their backpay this week. But there is still uncertainty for many contractors who were hit with stop-work orders, procurement delays and missed pay. “To get out of the mess, you have to

  • Report: EPA Won’t Limit Chemicals in Water

    Report: EPA Won’t Limit Chemicals in Water

    A forthcoming plan from the Environmental Protection Agency will not limit PFOA and PFOS in drinking water, Politico reported, citing two sources familiar with the decision. The plan would exclude the hazardous chemicals from the Safe Drinking Water Act, which would have an impact on many military communities trying to clean up their water supply.

  • Efficiencies Have Saved DOD $4.7B over Two Years

    Efficiencies Have Saved DOD $4.7B over Two Years

    DOD’s acting chief management officer, Lisa Hershman, announced the department has saved $4.7 billion in the past two years and is on track for even more savings through efficiencies. “In addition to cost – because I don’t want to say it isn’t important, because it’s very important, affordability – but performance and how are we


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