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Latest Posts

  • Picatinny EUL Violates Federal Statute, GAO Finds

    Because it calls for cash payments from the developer to be deposited in an escrow account controlled by the Army rather than the U.S. Treasury, the master agreement employed to lease property under an enhanced use lease at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J, fails to comply with the federal statute authorizing the EUL program, according to a recent decision issued by the Government Accountability Office …

  • Military Spouses Made Strong Impression on First Lady

    For First Lady Michelle Obama, the 2008 presidential campaign trail provided a front-row opportunity to learn about the challenges of military life and the struggles of military spouses — along with military mothers, grandmothers and sisters. Before the general election, she decided if she became first lady, she would use the position to “shine a light” on issues associated with military families …

  • BRAC 2005: The Pain and the Profit

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond has published a well-researched examination of the economic growth occurring at several mid-Atlantic installations gaining new missions as a result of BRAC, along with the burden neighboring defense communities are striving to meet to accommodate the influx. Overall, regions with higher manufacturing and retail shares — and in those that already receive a large share of military prime contracts — are best positioned to benefit from military growth …

  • Lender Settles Suit over Military Families’ Mortgages

    J.P. Morgan Chase will pay $27 million to settle a class-action lawsuit claiming the bank overcharged service members for their mortgages. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act bars lenders from charging active-duty members of the military more than 6 percent interest on their mortgages, as well as foreclosing on their homes during their service …


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